Is Social Media a Good Marketing Tool for Beginners?

Social Media is a Great and Cheap way to get your brand/company out to millions of eyes! Facebook has over 150 Million active users! Therefore that opens up tons of doors to get your website. However if you are just beginning to develop and online presence Social Media may not be the best way to go! 

Think about it  like this, what is the purpose of being out in front of millions of users if you don’t have anything valuable to offer? NOTHING. If you have a bare bones website with content spread out thinner than a sheet of paper no one is going to ever come back to your site! 

Social Media marketing has not been completely figured out just yet. The soul of  these sites is community, people don’t want to be marketed to in Social Networks. They come to these sites for a sense of belonging and to get away from all the marketing that goes around on the rest of the internet. 

If you are  an Online Marketing beginner I think your time and money could be better served on developing your own site and developing your relationships with your consumers instead of going out trying to make new relationships. If you feel like you absolutely need to be engaging in Social Media, then do so, however make sure its as an active community member offering something valuable to the rest of the community. Do not engage in Social Media just to try and promote your site, or your brand. If you engage in the Social Media community often enough and your engagements are relative then others will want to know more about you! 

If you’re an Online Marketing beginner stay away from using Social Media for Direct Marketing and use it as more as subtle brand building! Make your name a respected name in the community and with time you will be seen by others as an authoritative source and expert!

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