Search Engine Marketing

Drive Traffic

Drive Website Traffic

Search Engine Marketing can deliver thousands even millions of visitors to your site. However you have to be willing to pay for that traffic. Pay Per Click marketing is a great way to drive potential customers to targeted landing pages for them to view exactly what you want them to see. Scism Internet Marketing has over 5 years in Pay Per Click advertising. We have worked with all of the major PPC networks ( AdWords, AdCenter/Yahoo, and Facebook). We can drive the high quality targeted traffic right to the exact web page on your site so that you can get most conversions possible!

Create Tightly Targeted Ads

Tightly Targeted Ads

Your ads will never get clicked if they don’t appeal to your customers. By thoroughly split testing all of our ads we can create the most tightly targeted ads for your customers. Better ads equal more click thrus which in turn lowers your cost per click (We thought you might like that!). That’s why we test everything. Headline, Copy, all the way down to the color in our images.

Track Conversions

Tracking Conversion

What good is having traffic to your site if you can’t track where it’s coming from? At Scism Internet Marketing we track everything! We can track conversions back to specific keywords in specific ad groups. So that we can tell our customers exactly which keywords are converting and which are not. This data is always surprising, but the numbers don’t lie.

Generate Exponetial ROI

Generate ROI

Pay Per Click marketing can make your advertising ROI jump through the roof. Once we create highly targeted ads and track the conversions. You’ll know exactly where to put your marketing budget and you can scale out your campaign and generate massive amounts of growth. The beautiful thing is, it’s all backed up by the numbers! So you don’t have to worry about the ‘marketing guru’s’ instincts being off this month. You can have the data right in front of you!