Picking Targeted Keywords for Your Site

Keyword Research

Generating targeted keywords for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign is one of the most important steps to creating a successful campaign. Once you have decided the topic of your website the next step is researching keywords that are associated with your topic.

There are various free tools available to you on the web. Some are more beneficial than others I have listed a few of my favorites below.

Google has two keyword tools

Adwords Keyword Tool

The first is their Adwords Keyword tool. This tool is very simple to use and gives you some jumping off points.

Think of a keyword that describes your site. Type that keyword into the box and then click ‘Get Keyword Ideas’. Then you get a lengthy list of new words with variations on the word that you typed in. This tool also provides you with more details. Google has been kind enough to display search volume and advertiser competition so you know how competitive each keyword is. This is a great asset for your SEO campaign.

Search Based Keyword Tool

Google’s Search Based Keyword tool¬†offers a different method for searching for new keywords. There are two options when searching using this tool. You can simply type in your domain name and search and the results displayed will be based on the content of your site. The results listed are keywords that Google suggests you should use for an advertising campaign. According to Google:


The main difference between the Search-based Keyword Tool and the Keyword Tool currently in AdWords is that the former generates keyword ideas based on your website, and identifies those currently not being used in your AdWords account. Additionally, the Search-based Keyword Tool provides more detailed data for each keyword, such as category information, suggested bid that may place the ad in the top three spots of a search results page, and ad/search share. Both tools, however, offer the option of browsing all keywords across all categories.

You may also notice that some of the data (like such as the monthly search volume) may vary slightly between the two tools, which is due to different methods of calculation at this time.

These two free tools will get you started with your keyword research for your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Compile Keywords

After some initial research is done you want to begin compiling all of your new keywords and arranging them by Search Volume and priority. Thanks to Google you already have the search volume information. The priority is up to you!

Search Volume

Google has already compiled the search volume information for your keywords. Now its time to take that data and use it. If you use the Search based keyword tool you should see a magnifying glass on your search results page. Click on it and a new page opens up that displays even more information on that search term.

First you get a graph that shows ‘Interest Over Time’ this displays how often the term was searched for over the last year. If your product has a yearly sales cycle you can clearly see when your search term has peaks and valleys of search volume.

Next you will see a Geographical search display. This shows you where your search is most popular and you can target those geographical regions more precisely with your SEO campaign.

Then finally you will see other search terms related to your keyword. Google displays Top Searches and Rising Searches which both can be very beneficial to your SEO campaign giving you more ideas for expanding your keyword list.


Priority means you need to decide what terms you want to rank with in the results pages! If your site specializes in selling English Bulldogs puppies you want to make sure to focus on that keyword. You don’t want people coming to your site looking for health information on English bulldogs… Unless you offer that as part of your site.

I believe priority is more important that search volume when compiling your list. However if you want to rank for a term that has a high search volume the work can be very difficult and time consuming. Just be aware of that going forward.

Search Engine Optimization is not a set it and forget it strategy. It’s an ongoing battle against your competitors to constantly try and out rank them to show that your site has more ‘authority’ than another site. With that ¬†in mind, always use appropriate methods when optimizing your website for Search Engine rankings.