Creating Your Content for SEO

Creating SEO Worthy Content

I have already mentioned that Content is considered to be King when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, but how do you write content tailored to for better Search Engine results?

Logical Content

Writing content that is logically associated with your website. If you website is about all about English bulldogs you don’t want to write about having a pet iguana. You want all of you content to be tied together in some way. You need to have a general theme and then think horizontally and vertically under that main theme. Visitors needs need to feel that all of your content makes sense to the site as whole so as to keep them around and hopefully provide them with the information that they need.

Write Content For Visitors

This is commonly overlooked, many people try and write content suitable for search engines instead of the anticipated readers. If you tailor your content to your visitors by giving your writing a voice and a personality then your visitors will stay around longer and hopefully return more often. The most sophisticated search engines reward sites with original well written content.

Original Content

It is of great importance to write original content! If you write on very popular ideas and concepts like I do it is essential to make sure that your content is original. The idea may not be original, but the content needs to be! Search Engines will punish you if they find duplicate content on your site. This however may not be your fault. You may have written an excellent post and then someone came and copied your writing and posted it on their site. Because their site may have more of an ‘authority’ ranking the Search Engines could ping you as the duplicator! Which sucks but it happens. There are a few ways to counter this. Copyscape is one common way to register your content and make sure that no one is copying it online.

Keyword Sprinklage

I know what you’re thinking, yes Sprinklage is a word! It’s the past sense of sprinkling! 🙂 This is very different from keyword stuffing! Keyword sprinklage is highly valuable when it comes to SEO. If you want your content to rank well for certain terms you need to make sure and place those words into your content as naturally as possible. You don’t want to just randomly throw in the term that your hoping to rank for. You need to tailor your content to those words and then support your key words with the surrounding text.

Those are the 4 master plans to help Create Content for SEO. Write Original, Logical, Keyword rich, content that is easily understood by your visitors!

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