An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization… SEO


What does that mean? Simply put it means organizing and creating your website so that is easily crawled and indexed by search engine bots. These bots are what read the information and report it back to their respective search engine. Google has been kind enough to provide and SEO starter guide

Search Engine Optimization is a very large pool to jump into and you may have no idea where to start. 

With the following information listed I am assuming you already have an idea of what your website is about. 

Content is KING

With any SEO campaign the most important aspect to remember is that content is KING! Without great content no one is going to come back to visit your site. If your content doesn’t generate feelings to your readers then how do you ever expect them to return? Think about the websites that you visit the most… They stir up some sort of feelings inside you that drive you to check them out daily! Your biggest asset for Search Engine Optimization is your content. Make sure that your content is original! 


I’ve listed Keywords 2nd because I believe that they have a greater impact on your Search Engine rankings than some other aspects of SEO. Keywords are the words that you want your website to displayed for when someone performs a search for that respective word. If your site is about English Bulldogs. Then you want your site to be displayed for the search term english bulldogs! 

So how do you go about entering keywords into your SEO campaigns? 

  • Sprinkle your keywords into your content
  • Insert Keywords into your meta tags

Keywords <> Content

When writing your content for your web site it’s important to remember to think beforehand and organize what you are going to write about. In the organization part be sure to begin brainstorming some keyword ideas for each web page. When you have your thoughts formulated and begin to write you content make sure and sprinkle those keywords throughout the content! Typically it’s best to focus on 3-5 keywords per page. Anymore than that and your page begins to become too cluttered and will not resonate with your readers. 

Keywords <> Meta Tags

Have no idea what Meta Tags are? Inserting keywords into your meta tags used to be the best way to show up in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) however it soon began as a spamming method and since the major search engines have not put as much emphasis into the Meta Tags as they once had. However it is still an important step that does not need to be overlooked! Depending on how your website’s architecture is created adding meta tags could very simple or somewhat more difficult. Contact your website developer and ask them how simple it is to alter your Meta Tags when you wish to do so!

Building Links

I’ve heard numerous times that if ‘Content is KING’ then ‘Back-links are Queen’. I don’t know if that is a particularly accurate idea nonetheless back-links are important to helping boost your web site ranking! Back-links are created when someone else links to your website’s content. These search engines will crawl each site and see what the site links to among many other things. The more links you have to your site the more ‘authority’ you have in the eyes of the search engine bots! 

Google has created a Page Rank system that helps demonstrate a web site’s ‘authority’ according to Google! 

There are many ways to go about getting links to your website. Some are looked down upon and known as Black Hat techniques and others are very time consuming and expensive. However in the end if you can get a back-link from a site with a high Page Rank then it pays for itself! 


These 3 ideas are the foundation to beginning a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign. 

For more detailed information be sure to check out these sites:



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