Triple Traffic to Your Site in 1 Week Part 2



In case you missed it. ‘Triple Traffic to Your Site in 1 Week Part 1 is here’!



In Part 1 we went through the basic steps of writing your ad using Google Ad-Words. Now that we have our ad we need to add keywords that are relevant to our ad. Here is our ad from Part 1:

English Bulldog Puppies 
AKC Registered, Champion Bloodlines 
Wonderful Family Pets! Perfect Gift

Lets think through some of the ideas and keywords that consumers would use when searching for the services they are seeking. We will stick with the English bulldogs for now. First off we want to go after the people who know what breed of dog they want. So we’re going to add the keywords/phrases:

  • english bulldog puppies
  • “english bulldog puppies” (“” indicates a phrase match)
  • [english bulldog puppies] ([] indicates an exact match)

These are the 3 obvious choices, now we can branch out some. When choosing keywords you need to think about alternatives that your potential consumers might possibly search for. These can be anything from misspelling a word to putting hyphenations in the wrong place. So always be aware of those possibilities. As I mentioned in Part 1 Perry Marshall’s book ‘The Ultimate Guide to Google Ad Words‘ talks about this for a whole chapter. This book will be a lifesaver for your Google Ads.

Other keywords we can try to use for this campaign would be variations on the phrases or even adding more phrases. Variations of the original keywords can be things like:

  • akc english bulldog puppies
  • akc registered english bulldog puppies
  • champion english bulldog puppies
  • champion bloodline english bulldog puppies        

Adding variations to your keywords help your ads become more relevant, and receive higher click through ratings. You can also help cut down on unwanted traffic by using negative words. Staying with the example, lets say you get a lot of traffic from consumers looking for Pit Bull adoption you can use negative words to help filter this traffic. 

  • -pit bulldog
  • -pit bulldog adoption
  • -dog adoption

Adding negative keywords can be very beneficial to cutting down on costs. You only want people to click on your ads that have qualified themselves as potential buyers. Not consumers looking for a product and then incorrectly clicking on your ad. 



 Google rewards you for having ads relevant to your keywords and beyond that they reward you for having a landing page relevant to your ads. 

Relevancy is fairly straight forward. If people search for the keywords that you added for your campaign and those same keywords show up in your ad then the ad gains relevance. No one knows exactly how Google adjusts for the relevance of the ad, but there is a noticeable difference in keyword price when those words appear in your ads. Placing those keywords in the headline is always a good idea as well. If you need make more than one ad campaign to get the keywords in the headline then go for it! This leads me right into talking about A-B testing.


A-B Testing

This technique has been around for a long time. An A-B test is simply setting up two ads with 1 variable different in each ad and everything else is the same. One of the most common A-B tests for Google Ads is to change the Headline and leave the descriptive text the same.  Lets look at a simple A-B test of headlines

English Bulldog Puppies 
AKC Registered, Champion Bloodlines 
Wonderful Family Pets! Perfect Gift

Bulldog Puppies for Sale
AKC Registered, Champion Bloodlines 
Wonderful Family Pets! Perfect Gift

As you can see all we did was change the headline. To run a true A-B test you can only change 1 thing! Run this test for a significant amount of time and get enough data on the results before you move on to test other things.

My next step would be to test the ‘copy’ or the descriptive text. If I think the first ad is good then I will just flip the order of the description lines. Like this:

English Bulldog Puppies 
Wonderful Family Pets! Perfect Gift 
AKC Registered, Champion Bloodlines

Test this one against the original. Now this is a  more complex A-B test because you are changing two lines of copy. Since the ad is so small and short on space I consider the copy to be 1 element of the ad. If you want to get more complex with your testing I suggest multivariate testing. Here are a couple of good blog articles about it! 

Increase Your Adwords Click Thru Rates With Multivariate Testing

Split Testing for Website Effectiveness

After you have gathered enough data in your A-B testing you can make your decision which ad is the winner and then make another ad to challenge the champion. A-B testing is a continuous cycle to always try and improve on your ads performance. Testing not only helps you save money on bad ads it will increase the amount of people coming to your site by clicking on ads that are relevant to them!


When I started running Ad Word campaigns I saw my website traffic jump from an average of 50 visitors a day to over 500 per day. I have increased revenue of more than 30% in the last 6 months. I am a firm believer in Ad Words. Its a very easy system to learn but difficult impossible to master. There will always be new challenges and challengers to your advertising. It’s easy to start campaigns and let them run without tweaking or testing them, but that is like throwing marketing dollars down the drain. It doesn’t take much time at all to manage your ads. So if you would like to increase your website traffic and have the money to do so. I highly encourage any PPC advertising especially Google Ad Words.