Triple Traffic to Your Site in 1 Week – Part 1

Everyone knows that to increase business you have to increase the amount of consumers. Pay-Per-Click or (PPC) advertising is a great way to do this! With PPC advertising your ads will show up in front of thousands of possible consumers. If used efficiently PPC can easily triple your website traffic in 1 week!

This will be a slight overview of how PPC works. I suggest if you want to learn some of the best practices in using PPC advertising you go check out this book! Perry Marshall’s Ultimate Guide to Google Ad-Words. I read this book before I started working on PPC advertising it was a fairly simple and fast read. It is a great step by step guide of how to set up and run successful PPC campaigns.

The first step is deciding what PPC client you want you use. I suggest only starting with one PPC client until you are comfortable running multiple campaigns. I recommend using Google Ad-Words for its simplicity and efficiency.  You may decide to user other clients such as Yahoo/Overture or the MSN network later on after you’ve had successful ads on Google. 

Secondly you need to decide how much you are willing to spend on advertising. There are multiple paths to choose from. You can set a daily, weekly or monthly budget. Google-Ad Words automatically stops showing ads when you get close to your budget. This feature is very helpful! Because I don’t have time to sit and watch my ads and make sure I’m not spending too much.

Once you have your budget set you need to decide what you are going to advertise. Why do you want people to come to your website? Are you selling products, a service, or just giving out information? You have to know why you are spending money to get people to your website. 

Now that you know what you want to advertise we can look at creating ads for this product. Ad-Words makes this process very simple. When you are creating a new ad this the example that Google gives you to start with.

New York Budget Hotel 
Clean and close to subway. 
Students save 20%!

Headline – Max of 25 characters. They make it easy for you and will not let you type more than 25 characters.

Description Line 1- Max of 35 characters.

Description Line 2- Max of 35 characters.

Display URL- Max of 35 characters.

Destination  URL – Max of 1024 characters.

My basic method for writing these ads is the Keep It Simple Stupid approach. There is not enough space to be clever and witty on these ads. Google rewards you by being relevant with your ads and your landing pages ( I will talk more about this in part 2). Keeping the ad simple can be difficult but you have to work at it.  


Lets start with the headline. The maximum amount of characters you can have is 25. That is not a lot of space to try and be clever. I am choosing the subject of selling English bulldogs because I love dogs and that is my favorite breed of dogs. So here we go. I like to use my keywords in my headline, and if I’m selling English bulldogs then that phrase will be a keyword in my ad. 

English Bulldog Puppies 
Clean and close to subway. 
Students save 20%!

Simple and clear! The person searching will know what breed of dog I have to offer, and that the dogs are puppies. This will be begin to eliminate some of the unwanted traffic. If you are a breeder selling English bulldog puppies you don’t want someone coming to you site wanting to adopt adult Black Labs!

Description Line 1-

The description line is where you can start to add more information about your product. However there is a 35 character limit. There are multiple ways to write your descriptions. Some writers use 1 sentence per line others use 1 extended sentence for both lines, and others use fragments or phrases. The best way to know what is working is by performing A-B testing ( which will be discussed later). Here I have chosen to use fragments in the description line 1. 

English Bulldog Puppies 
AKC Registered, Champion Bloodlines 
Students save 20%!

This is very simple and clear to the reader. They now know that you have English Bulldog Puppies that are American Kennel Club registered and that these puppies are of champion bloodlines. These are considered two valuable features when looking for English bulldogs.

There are other ways you can go with this ad. Many people will tell you not to mention features of the product but rather the value to the consumer of the product. We can do that just as easily in the second description line.

Description Line 2-

I like to list the features and the values to the customer in the same ad. Which is sometimes hard to do. Here is what I came up with.

English Bulldog Puppies 
AKC Registered, Champion Bloodlines 
Wonderful Family Pets! Perfect Gift

You can always swap the order in which the description lines read and see which ad work better. This is a simple A-B test. Which we will discuss in How to Triple Traffic to Your Site in 1 Week- Part 2! As you can see the ad is very simple and clear. That is exactly what we were going for.

We have found people looking for English Bulldog puppies that are AKC registered and of champion bloodlines. We have also tugged on the emotions of someone looking for a good family pet or a great gift! This ad would have to be tested and see the Click Through Rate (CTR) to determine if this ad is successful or not.

That’s all for now. Part 2 will include adding keywords, relevancy of the ads and simple A-B testing!

How to Triple Traffic to Your Site in 1 Week- Part 2 (Coming Soon)