Search Engine Marketing for Beginners Part 2

In Case You Missed Search Engine Marketing for Beginners Part 1


Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great way to start driving traffic to your website! However it can be an expensive method of driving traffic! PPC ads are displayed on the sidebar of your SERPs and triggered by keywords that you searched for. PPC gets its name because every time someone clicks on the ad you (the advertiser) pays for it! So if you are not optimizing your campaigns and getting good results from them you need to rethink your strategy!  Click Here for A How To Guide for PPC So what can PPC be used for? 

  • Collecting Names for Your Mailing List
  • Giving Something Away to Get Potential Customers
  • Driving Potential Customers to a Certain Product

There are plenty of different strategies that you can use PPC for! You want to have a strategy mapped out before you start spending advertising dollars on PPC or it can get out of hand quickly!  Lets map out a simple strategy for Collecting Names for Your Mailing List.  1st lets set a goal! Do you want to increase your readership by a certain number or %? Lets say you have 500 names on your email list and you want to increase it by 10% to 550 names. 2nd lets set a budget on this campaign of $1000. So you’re willing to spend $1000 to add 50 more names to your email list. So we need each of the 50 new email address to bring in at least $20 worth of revenue to break even on this campaign.  After following the How To Guide to setting up your ads. We need to create a landing page that give the potential new customer an idea of what your company is about! Your landing page needs a very specific Call to Action! A Call to Action is what you want the visitor to do once they are on your landing page. In our case we want them to sign up to our email list! When designing landing pages keep these ideas in the fore front of your design!

  • Make your Call to Action OBVIOUS
  • Keep the page short and to the point!
  • Make the page scan-able because visitors don’t read they scan

Once your landing page is designed its time to unleash the ads to the public and see what happens!  To make it possible to measure the success rate of your ads, you will need to do the following:

  • Set up a new list in your email marketing program so that all of these new contacts will be placed in that list. This way you know they came from your PPC campaign landing pages and not your regular website pages! 
  • Keep track of this list and cross reference it with all new clients/customers. 
  • If your new email contacts are not purchasing your products/services it may be time to retune your Email Marketing

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