Search Engine Marketing for Beginners Part 1

  Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an online marketing strategy  that is so vast and complex that large businesses have teams dedicated to it! There is no brief explanation of SEM. However I will attempt one. SEM is a strategy that involves using online search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc) to market your brand, products, and services! SEM combines strategies involving Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Contextual Advertising, and Paid Inclusion! Essentially Search Engine Marketing is a way to drive traffic to your website! If done correctly that traffic will be full of potential prospects or new customers that want to help you grow your business! Now lets dive into some of the different strategies that are available for SEM!

Search Engine Optimization-

Organic Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) are the pages listing out all of the top  results for the search you just performed on your favorite search engine. The reason these results are called ‘organic’ is because they are the more natural, relevant results for your topic as opposed to the advertisements placed on the SERPs. Search Engine Optimization is the strategy of making your website the most relevant and accessible as possible to the search engines. There are tons of little tricks of the trade that have been discovered along the years since search engines came around. However with search engine technology constantly changing you have to be on top of your game to make sure once you have top placement that you keep it. Many companies will offer you search engine optimization and will guarantee top placement on search engines. However Google specifically states here that if a company offers this then you need to do some more research and they could be offering services using black hat techniques.  There are many resources available online that offer tips and hints for successful SEO strategies. My favorite blog for this is SEO Chat they have more  information on their site than you could ever filter through! In SEO’s article 12 More SEO Tips for 2007 the first tip listed talks about Titles and content. This may seem fairly obvious to some but at the same time has never crossed the mind of others! When users perform a search most of the time they are looking for information. If I’m doing a search for SEO tips then I want the SERPs to display article titles with that in the title and description! Then I want the content of the article to give me a list of SEO tips! Sounds easy enough right? Well a lot of website owners disregard this step and just put a blanket title tag that is displayed for every different page on their website because it’s part of the template.  So if you are just jumping into the SEO strategy those are two steps that you need to make sure are essential to your website! Create individual unique titles for each page and give that page full and rich content!  On the coattail of great content you need to make sure and have content that contains key words that are pertanent to your company! If you need help in coming up with keywords for your company there are a tons of keyword tools available to you. Many you have to pay for, however the one I use all the time is free.

This tool is great and since it’s Google’s I trust their technology to provide me with great keywords. Remember while you’re creating content to inject that content with relevant keywords! However keyword stuffing is frowned upon from an SEO perspective! If you work hard at making your content relevant to the title and to your site and sprinkle keywords throughout the content then with time your SEO will begin to improve! With that being said I believe the best tip for SEO is BE PATIENT. SEO is not something that will happen overnight, its a slow developing process. You have to put the work in and at the same time you have to be patient!  Lets recap on SEO 

  • Title each page on your site uniquely and appropriately for the content displayed!
  • Create Killer content! 
  • Find Great Keywords to inject into your Content!

Search Engine Marketing for Beginners Part 2 Coming Soon!


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