Does PPC Help Grow Your Email List?

Does Pay Per Click advertising help grow your email list? Well it can if done correctly! PPC can bring hundreds or thousands of visitors to your website daily. The sheer amount of traffic coming to your site should be able to increase your mailing list. However you do have to put in some effort to help these visitors join your email list!

Add Your Email Sign Up to Your Landing Page-

Your landing page is what visitors see when they click through on one of your PPC ads. This page can be used to sell a product, offer a free download, it can even be your home page. Whatever the page is, if your focus is on growing your email list you have to make sure that your Email List sign up form is visible! It needs to be plastered on everything page of your site, and especially your landing pages! 

Even if your paid visitor doesn’t initially buy, and they usually don’t then at least try to capture their contact information! This way you have a way to continue your sales process and can eventually turn them into a happy consumer!

If your paying for this traffic coming to your site you at least need to get something out of it! If you have a long sales letter than make sure that the email sign up form is sprinkled throughout. If you are directing traffic to your home page make sure that you form is prominently displayed. There is nothing worse than paying from a visitor to come to your site and not getting anything out of it except a boost to your traffic. Granted you have more visitors to your site which is what you want. What you want more of is tightly targeted consumers coming to your site looking for their needs and desires to fulfilled!

Make sure that your email sign up form is on every landing page for every PPC campaign that you have! Don’t let any possible consumer get away from your site without at least giving them the option to sign up for you Email Marketing list!

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