Creating Landing Pages

Well I finally decided it was time to create new landing pages for my PPC ads. The old ads were just…OLD and included clunky tables and just tended to look bad. I know if i ended up on that page I doubt I would buy anything.  

I am in the middle of reading Tim Ash’s “Landing Page Optimization” ( a wonderful book). After throwing around a few ideas a I decided on a relatively simple design. I opened up photoshop and came up with this.

Patriotic Landing Page

Once I finished this design I realized I needed to learn how to transform a .PSD into CSS and HTML. Needless to say this is much easier said than done! So of course I went straight to Google and found this wonderful series of tutorials.


This article is very thorough and extremely helpful writing the CSS especially with the correct requirements for the IE browser. I would definitely recommend this article if you are the DIY type like me, and instead of shelling out cash to a professional take some time and learn something new.

I have basically come up with two different landing pages. I have arranged the body content differently in each page.

Page 1 I emphasis the physical CD by giving it the most space in the body and putting links to buy the digital downloads on the left sidebar. 

Page 2 I decided to focus more on the digital downloads by linking all them at the top with prominent logos displayed and pushing the copy for the physical CD towards the bottom. 

This is my first A/B testing with my landing pages and I’m very excited to see how they do. 

After a couple of weeks I will come back here and post results for each page then change some elements and see how they begin to bring in conversions!