Why Would You Want to Give Away Free Information?

Why would you want to give away valuable trade secrets or free products that you could eventually turn into a profit? That doesn’t make any logical business sense at all! Aren’t you just in business to make money and make a profit? If you aren’t then you’re not in business your just occupying a hobby!


When it comes to Online Marketing everyone gives away free things! It can be a free subscription (which is somewhat confusing because we usually associate subscriptions with purchasing) free white papers, free reports, etc. Everyone is giving something away! Why are these crazy business people giving things away? 

It’s quite simple actually, to get you to come back and look around their website more and hopefully purchase something! I’ve read numerous reports that say on average it takes 5-7 visits for someone to purchase from your website. For me personally it takes a lot more than that, but I’m very frugal!

The whole reason to give stuff away is to get you to come back and buy! Marketers realize that you are more than likely not going to buy on the first visit so they offer you something for free in exchange for your contact information. Usually just an email address and a first name and boom you have something free show up your email box!  

So what are you giving away? 

Develop a small product inexpensive product that is relevant to your business and offer it to new prospects for free! If you sell shoes develop a shoe fitting guide that helps show prospects what shoes to select according to how they have wore down their previous shoes!

See how simple this is? 

Offer this free product as an incentive for ‘Opting In’ to your Email list. Use an autoresponder to deliver an email with a link to your free product. Then follow up with set intervals and pre written marketing emails that lead prospects down the sales road! This is a very effective marketing tool to use especially for larger ticket items. 

Just remember you have to give something first before you can ever expect to receive something. Deliver something of value to your prospects and it will make tilt the odds in your favor of converting them to consumers!

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