No One Knows When To Send Out An Email Marketing Campaign


Lets face it! No one knows when the best time to send out an Email Marketing Campaign(EMC). We can look at data and reports till our eyes pop out. But there is no set time to that guarantees a high open rate or click through rate on your EMC! It’s impossible! So what are we to do?  First you have to be able to track when your subscribers are opening your Emails! If you can’t do this then you’ll never be able to figure out the best time to send out your EMC’s.

  • Split your email list into two equal groups
  • Send the same EMC to each group
  • Send the EMC to the First group on Tuesday at 10 am
  • Send the EMC to the Second Group on Thursday at 10 am

Keep everything the same except for the date! This is a simple A/B test! Collect the results of these EMC’s did you get more open rates on Tuesday or Thursday? Stick with that day for your next campaign. Data shows us that Tuesday-Thursdays are the best days to send out EMCs. However, that doesn’t apply to every consumer base! You have to do tests and determine when you get the best open rates for your Email list! Ok so you have the results from the first A/B test.  Now lets test which time works better for your list. Are you consumers businesses (B2B) or consumers (B2C)? Why does this matter? Businesses and Business people will tend to open their Email during the day during working hours, as opposed to consumers who tend to check personal Email on their personal time! ( At least thats what numerous reports have said!)  So your collected the test results from your first test and it shows that you got a 35% open rate on Thursday at 10am and a 25% open rate on Tuesday at 10 am. So on your next EMC lets set the test up again. I like to ‘un-group’ my mailing and then re-arrange them into 2 new groups. Lets send one EMC at Thursday at 10am and the other at 1pm. Gather the EMC results! Which time had the higher open rate? If Thursday at 10 am had a higher open rate than 1pm. Then it’s the winner of this simple A/B test!  Now testing doesn’t stop here! You must continue refining your EMCs and keep trying to obtain the 100% open rate.  There are numerous variants to test for with your EMCs:

  • Time Sent
  • Day Sent
  • Headline
  • From Address
  • Design
  • etc.

This list could go on and on. Always test your EMCs and always build on what’s working!

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