How To Format an HTML Email Part 4

Incase you missed it. 

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Editing Sidebar Cont.

After we have finished editing the navigation for our email newsletter we need to add content in the sidebar. This content can be whatever you want. It can be ads to your site or another website or just little quick facts about your company.

Lets look at the next part of the code:


<img src=”hr-small.gif” alt=”Small hr” width=”192″ height=”28″ />


                           <h3>Also This Month</h3>

                           <h4>Pellentesque vel dui sed</h4>

                           <p>Aucibus iaculis. Suspendisse dictum magna id purus tincidunt rutrum. Nulla congue. Phasellus mattis sollicitudin ligula. <a href=”#”>Read More »</a></p>


Notice the <img src> tag. This is an image that displays a graphic that is used to break up the text in the sidebar. This is a very common practice seen in newsletters. You can create another graphic to put in it’s place just make sure that it fits to the width of 192px!

Look at the <h3> tags. These tags represent a header tag and display valuable information. This is a headline telling the reader what is also in this month’s newsletter. You can change the text here to read whatever you like or remove it completely. 

Next we hav ethe <h4> tag which is a subheading followed by a brief description of the article and a link to read more of the article. This teaser sentence is very effective at getting your subscribers to click through to you site or blog and finish reading the article! Once again notice the <a href=”#’> tag linking to an anchor somewhere within in the content of your newsletter.

There are 3 more sections of these teaser articles listed in the sidebar. You can edit them if you have links to many different articles or you can get rid of them all together. It’s up to you!

Notice we have two more sections in the sidebar. The Forward to a Friend and the Unsubscribe. I would suggest getting rid of these in your actual newsletter. Most email marketing companies provide these to you in the footer of your email. 

The sidebar is looking fairly bare without a lot of graphics and content in it. However its main purpose is to serve as a navigation to the newsletter.

I always like to jazz my newsletter up just a little. So I tend to create graphics and insert them into the side bar to give the newsletter a little more color and life. 

If you have a product you’re promoting, this is the perfect place to put an ad for it! It will be seen by all of your subscribers so hopefully the product that you’re selling is a good reflection of your company!


That’s it for editing the sidebar!

Be on the lookout for Part 5 and we will finish out this series by editing the content of your newsletter !

Have a Great Day!


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