How To Format An HTML Email Part 1

Choosing Between HTML and Text

Many Email marketing professionals will tell you to stay away from using HTML for your email marketing campaigns if you are just starting out. This can be good advice if you don’t have any working knowledge of HTML. Simple plain text emails work just as well as HTML.

However I believe HTML emails not only look better but you can also add functionality to these emails. HTML emails can contain logos, pictures, backgrounds and other stylings that you can use to help brand your email campaigns. I think adding color and some style to your email campaigns never hurt! Unless of course those emails are not rendered in any popular email readers!

Many email readers have trouble rendering HTML! Microsoft’s Outlook and Entourage seem to be the best at rendering all emails, that may be good for you if most of your consumers are business professionals. However if your consumers use their personal email such as GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail and others then HTML is not rendered nearly as well in these readers!

If you have no clue what I mean when I say HTML then lets just play it safe and stick with simple text emails, however if you are ready to get into some simple coding then lets jump in!

HTML Emails

When starting a new email campaign you have to ask yourself what is the purpose of this email? Is it a newsletter, press release, sales flyer, etc? If you decided you want to start a newsletter then start listing out the areas you want to include in your newsletter:

  • Featured Articles
  • Columns with Guest Writers
  • News About Your Company
  • Sales that you have going on
  • etc

Then you can pick a template that seems appropriate for your campaign! There are a couple of sources that I like to use for Free Email Templates!

I like these templates because they are tested to work with nearly every email reader. Pick your template, I’m going to pick Template 9 with a left sidebar. 

Download this and we will begin editing it in Part 2!


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