Email Marketing for Beginners

Email marketing- What is it?   

Everyone has seen it. You get thousands of emails every year from some company trying to sell something to you. Somewhere along the line you put in your email address and then all of a sudden you are bombarded with emails from that company. It’s the online equivalent of Direct Mail marketing. Hence they share a lot of the same names ‘junk mail’ etc. You usually just look at it and throw it away.

What would ever make you want to spend the time creating emails that are just going to get dumped into the trash folder in someone’s email account?  I’ll tell you why you should spend the time creating those emails! 

Email marketing is in my opinion the best way to market to your consumer online! Why you ask?

Because if they trust you enough to give you a piece of personal contact information then they want to hear from you! They have stood up and said “Hey over here! I like what you’re offering, tell me more!” It doesn’t get any better than that! 

Using E-mail as a marketing initiative has been pushed to the backburner in the last few years. Everyone is trying to new and exciting ways of marketing to see what works. Well I’ll tell you what works, EMAIL MARKETING!

Lets break it down why it works so well. 

  • It costs very little to get an email address from someone. Especially if they like your website and or product. They are much more willing to give up that information. 
  • It’s direct communication! You know something about the person on the other end of the marketing message. Unlike direct mail where you just send out flyers to everyone in the same zip code. These are precisely targeted messages!
  • You see instant results! With many email marketing programs such as Emma and Constant Contact you can see exactly who is clicking on the offer in your emails. Then you can create reports of how many people purchased the product you offered in the email! It’s instant gratification!

This is the beginner’s post there will be more tips on Email Marketing in the future!

For Help now check out these Links below!

One of the best sites for email marketing tips is Chris Baggott’s Email Marketing Best Practices

Chris’ book Email Marketing by the Numbers has been the most helpful book on email marketing that I have ever read.

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