About Us

Eric Scism - Scism MarketingHere at Scism Marketing I like to say we’re a “Full Service Online Marketing Firm” … Well what does that mean exactly? Well I wish I knew. I honestly thought it sounded pretty good so I went with it. Then the meaning started taking on a life of its own. “Full Service” basically means we can provide you any service you need, and ‘Full’ service at that! We offer any and all services that relate to ‘Online Marketing.’ So I guess the meaning didn’t really take on a life of its own. It was pretty much already figured out when it came out of my brain and into my fingers … Oh well, it could have been a cool story right?

So who’s running this place? Well as I’m writing this, it’s just big ole me working my fingers to the bone on this entrepreneurial thing. I love it though! I’ve been working in Internet Marketing for close to 5 years. I’ve come to learn quite a bit about Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Website Design and User Interaction. I even know a little about feng shui! … Ok that’s not true I know nothing about User interaction.

What I do know a lot about is Customer Service and Respect. If you’re interested in learning more about my services feel free to click below on some of the links and lets see if we can do some work together!

I’m also a Google AdWords Professional in case you care about things like that 🙂

Thanks for Dropping by!

Eric Scism